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Our Purpose

We take care of you with innovative foods that build unparalleled happy experiences.

Time Line



1961 the Company was born, Productos Ricos Ltda. The consolidation of the brand image begins.

The production of potato begins. The process of the potatoes is developed in a semi industrial way, in a small production plant in the Rionegro neighborhood in the city of Bogotá.

1967 The Productos Ricos Ltda society changes its business name to Comestibles Ricos Ltda.

Exclusive chicken flavor. Super Ricas pioneer in flavoring of potato chips and in the color coding of flavor in Colombia.

The distribution network is consolidated in tricycles and trucks, getting into more neighborhoods and chain stores.

The company specializes in potato chips and begins to automate the production, until consolidates its quality and excellence.





Former sellers and workers constitute their independent distribution micro-companies that boost the growth of the big Super Ricas family. Micro-companies program within the company and the Triangle of Success: Worker, company and family.

The advances in the production and the product diversification demands the adaptation and modification of the existent technology from the Company.

The perfect combination of potato chips, plantains and pork rinds in a single package, an option that starts to be considered at the time by some, to replace the lunch.

The transfer to this production plant, consolidates the company´s growth and open the space to a greater number of employees.

Despite of the strong competition that the economic opening represented, the Company consolidates a production policy aimed at customer and consumer satisfaction, as well as the quality of their products.

A different presentation in the market, attractive and functional, is the evolution of the Super Ricas packaging with a new double layer that helps to keep the products fresh, whole and crunchy.





The image is renewed: the packaging change to metallic and the logo symbol is upgraded, from a cook to a smile. Technology is acquired to be the first ones in the production of mixed with four components.

Super Ricas, a 100% Colombian company is projected to the future, growing in the field of exportations and generating new products in the snack market.

The SUPER RICAS brand is consolidated as one of the most remembered in the country.

2010. A time that marks a special dynamic with innovative releases developed in accordance to the taste and preferences of the consumers. Being the crunchiest in the market. Conquest of new markets (Antioquia and Eastern Region of the country)

2015. Systematic distribution of the processes by product lines (potato chips, plantains, mix, extruded and bakery). New generation of consumers, mark the route of market dynamics and the consolidation of the brands: SUPER RICAS and TODO RICO independently.

Corporate change. Comestibles Ricos Ltda change its business name to Comestibles Ricos S.A., within the evolution framework and new organizational structure.